Window Tinting

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Benefits Of Window Tinting

UVA & UVB Protection

Automotive window films have come along way. Window films not only add to your vehicle resale value, but they reduce heat, protect from glare, and block 99% of harmful UVA and UVB radiation. Window tint for cars comes in a variety of different shades that can be selected ranging from 3% VLT (Variable light transmission) to 70% VLT. Depending on the degree of darkness, you will see that the smaller the number the darker the film, since it allows less light to pass through.

Protects the Interior

By blocking direct sunlight window films offer a greater protection of both leather and cloth interiors. Which means that your interior will last longer and because the film also keeps your car interior cooler in the summer it protects leather from cracking.


Tinting the windows on your car will also give you a degree of privacy from potential thieves while your vehicle is parked since someone can not see through the window into the floor of the back seat.

Less Energy Saves Gas

Because the interior is cooler with window film your air conditioner will not have to work as hard, which will save in gas mileage and will keep you more comfortable while driving.